The World Wide Raccoon Web is closed

We're sorry, but The World Wide Raccoon Web is no longer here. An archive is available through The Internet Archive Wayback Machine.


The site was started as a fun side project back in 1993, at the dawn of the World Wide Web when everything was young and fresh and new. Back then, the web was small. We didn't have WikiPedia or Google or Reddit. If you wanted to keep up with what was new on the web, it was easy — only a few new web pages were going up every day. When I looked around back then, I couldn't find any pages about raccoons. So, I did what any industrious young college student who didn't want to study would do, and I made my own.

These days, of course, it's easy to find anything and everything on line. If you want to know all about raccoons, anything you could dream of is just a few clicks away. I've toyed with the idea of updating the World Wide Raccoon Web, but really I don't feel it's a worthwhile effort when there is already so much available.

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